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Our Google Search Appliance replacement

If you’ve got a physical Google Search Appliance powering your website search, you’re likely nervously looking at the upcoming deadline around the end of life of your device in 2019.

The premised Google Search Appliance or GSA was a great product as it provided the powerful tools of Google Search, but ensured your data was stored in a location that complies with security and privacy regulations.

When Google announced that they were discontinuing the physical or premised versions of the GSA, our customers identified that they would need a replacement solution. So we designed and built a service that checked all of the same boxes as the GSA, but one that provides the benefits of the newest search technologies. If you need to keep your search data in Canada, we have a solution for you.

We’ve been doing this for years

We work with public sector organizations (Mississauga, Edmonton, Surrey, Alberta, Yukon, and more) to create solutions that meet the regulatory and privacy needs unique to this sector. One of the most important features of an impactful web property is a great search. We’ve created a robust and powerful solution that meets the strict requirements for privacy, security, and regulation that many cities, governments and large businesses need to comply with, but allows flexibility and customization to integrate with complex technical environments.

The product

Our OnPoint solution is based on Apache Solr. Solr is a powerful, scalable and open source solution that allows you to provide robust search results to your customers. However, as an open source solution Solr does not have support, and it requires significant configuration to be production ready. We’ve spent years researching and testing all the configurations, solved challenges associated with standing up an environment, and have a virtualized, on-demand service that you can sign up for and start using today. Our robust, scalable service is built on a foundation of secure infrastructure, premised in Canada.

Privacy standards

We work hard to meet or exceed federal and provincial privacy and security standards. If you have specific requirements you need to meet, our team of experts can ensure your unique needs are addressed.


  • When is the Google Search Appliance ending its service?

    Google Search Appliance will reach its end of life in 2019. The exact date depends on your license agreement. - Google

  • How long does it take to install OnPoint Search?

    How long it takes depends on the size of your website. Most sites are crawled and indexed in under a day. Once your site has been indexed, installing Search on your site takes just minutes.

  • Why is your data hosted in Canada?

    We work with Canadian public sector organizations that are mandated to keep their data in Canada. However, we can provide services to any customer.

Get in touch

If you’re stuck staring at the end of life deadline for your GSA and looking for a replacement, we’ve been preparing one for you for years. Connect with us today to find out if our service is a good fit for your search needs.

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