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OnPoint Search is your new search appliance

OnPoint Search is a full-featured search solution for large-scale websites. Easy to configure and simple to run, it’s perfect as a replacement for Google Search Appliance.

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Optimized for high traffic sites

OnPoint Search’s backbone is purpose-built for high volumes of traffic. And real-time indexing makes it easy to find new content as soon as it arrives.

Better results the more you use it

OnPoint Search gets you better search results the more you use it. Machine learning means hit scores continually improve with no more work on your part.

Built on open source technology

We built OnPoint Search on Solr and Scrapy, open source platforms used by industry-leaders and maintained by thousands of contributors.

By Canadians,
from Canada

Hosted in Canada

All your data stays in Canada. Nothing goes across the border. And nothing goes anywhere else unless you say so.

Secure & private

We comply with all Canadian privacy laws and regulations, considered some of the strongest in the world.

Easy to use, simple to maintain

OnPoint Search - screenshot
The web-based console is easy to use, regardless your level of technical ability.

Get OnPoint Search working right away

No servers to set up. No apps to install. And since OnPoint operates in the cloud, it integrates with any web platform.

Simple and powerful integration tools

No need for ten-kilogram manuals. A simple interface and API lets you truly unlock the power of open source.

The tools you need to connect visitors to your content

Make data-driven improvements

Improve the findability of your content with reports and search analytics. Find the content that users can’t, and make it discoverable.

Customize Search to fit your site

Tailor OnPoint Search’s behaviour to fit your business. Close the gap between your content and the words your visitors use every day.

Index your site automatically
or with a click

Crawl your content when you want

Point our web crawler at your homepage and let it find and index all your content. Run new crawls with a click of your mouse, or schedule them to run at a predetermined time.

Improve results with existing metadata

Our crawler pulls any structured metadata about a page into the search index, letting OnPoint know what your content is really about. It even pulls metadata from Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files.

Control what users can and can't see

Use our blacklist and whitelist features to control which parts of your site OnPoint's crawler sees. Basic access authentication lets you index password-protected content without making it public.


Price$1,000 CAD / month
Documents / pages indexed100,000
Searches / queries per month500,000
Auto crawls7 / week
Engines 5
Manual crawlYes
Faceted searchYes
Google analytics integrationYes
API accessYes
Intuitive dashboardYes
Results controlYes
SupportPriority email support
Fixes mispellingsYes
Bigram correctionYes
Site crawlerYes
Document indexingYes

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