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The OnPoint Suite Design System

This design system is a collection of guidelines, patterns, and development resources that work together to create a cohesive user experience across all of our products. By providing our teams with a shared understanding, the system helps us design and develop new products and features more efficiently.

Version 0.4.0 – work in progress

To do list

  • The responsive design of this website is a bit behind our current state of the art.
    The scaling of the type isn't correct, and the grid isn't implemented.
    Note: changing this will impact all designs on this site, so will take some time/effort.
  • Step 1. Write a short description of this page and the design system it presents. Why is it here? Who is it for?
  • Step 2. Compile a list of patterns to document.

patterns to document

  • page
  • global header
  • nav
  • main section
  • global footer

main section

  • page header
  • page content
  • big list (ie sites)
  • [TBD]