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Content inventory tools and features

The inventory is the most feature-rich part of Content Auditor. Most of the work you do on your data will happen in the inventory. Following is an overview of the various parts of the inventory and how they work.


The scope control lets you focus in on any subset of your content. Setting the scope makes it so you're only looking at the pages included in the selected group.

Inventory modes

Inventory modes let you explore different facets of your inventory. Each mode has a tailor-made set of filters and view options to help you investigate your content.


Filters find results based on specific criteria. Choose from a list of presets or design your filters from scratch.


Search for terms in page titles and URLs. This makes it easier to find a specific page, or to find all the pages in a given section of your site; e.g. searching for "/blog/" would find all the pages in your blog)

Create groups

Groups are collections of pages. Grouping pages together can help you focus on a specific area of your site, or to clean up your data in general.


Export lets you download the currently displayed inventory results as a CSV. The downloaded file will have the same scope, mode, filters and view options applied as you see in your browser. Super handy for spreadsheet lovers.

View options

Choose which columns to display in your table of results.


Check boxes one-by-one for specific selections, or check the box in the top left to select all your results.


Choose a column to sort your data by, and the direction to sort in.


The audit icon opens a separate auditing interface that allows you to enter notes and observations about each page.