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Content and data export made easy

There are two places you can export and download your data: the sites list and the inventory page. Export from the site list for quick access, or from the inventory for fine control.

Export from your sites list

The easiest way to download your content is via your sites list. Once a site has finished crawling, you'll notice a download icon appears to the right (see the red circle in the following screenshot).

Clicking the download icon gives you two download options, "metadata" and "content". Metadata is a collection of information about your content, but doesn't include the content itself. For most audits metadata is the more useful option here. Downloading metadata from the sites list includes all of your metadata for all of the pages found on the site.

The "content" option will export all the content that Content Auditor has found on your site, but we've got some work to do on refining this feature as it can produce inaccurate results. Despite the fact that it needs some work, we've found this can be useful in some cases. Your mileage may vary.

Export from inventory

Exporting your data from the inventory gives you a lot more control over what is included in the export. If you've applied filters or scopes to your inventory the exported file will reflect those decisions. The export will also only include data for the columns you've displayed on the screen. This is a good option if you know exactly which data you want to work with, or if you're looking for a way to exclude extraneous pages from your export. Only metadata is available for download from the inventory. In order to export your inventory data, click the download icon labelled "CSV" to the top right of your table of results.