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Power tools for content strategists

OnPoint Content Auditor is a one-stop collection of analysis tools and reports for your website. It automatically analyzes a site’s user-facing content, producing all of the basic (and not-so-basic) details that a content administrator needs.

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Crawl your site
with a click

Adding a new site to audit is really, really simple.

Crawling sites is quick and easy. Just enter your URL and give your site a name. OnPoint Content Auditor will crawl your site, find all of its user-facing content, and ping you when it's done.

Big reports for
big content

Once we’ve crawled and analyzed your site, you’ll get this nice report.

The Reports page brings you a pro’s analysis of your content at a glance. Get details on the site as a whole, or create separate reports on smaller groups of pages. Find broken links, duplicate content, and check each page’s reading level.

Sort & filter by
any attribute

Find and group pages in your content inventory.

The Inventory isn’t just a list of pages. It’s a one-stop spot for filtering, grouping, and diving deep into your content. Choose the details you want to see for a set of pages or the whole table. Or, dig into a single page in depth.

And more!

Adjust the scope of your audits on the fly

Sometimes you just want to focus an audit on just part of a site. Use the Scope feature to generate reports and inventories on the data that’s important to you.

Reading levels and complexity grades

Check the reading grade levels for every page of your site. Zero in on content that every user sees, but not every user can understand.

Export audit data for your own use

Prefer to work in your own tools? Export all your data with a single click, or work in the inventory to filter and group specific data to work with.

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